Since beginning of the Math Thru Music program, there has been lots of attention around the craft of DJing. Students are learning about event coordination, performing in front of a live audience, becoming familiar with lighting and audio equipment and during this, finding their strengths.

As a result, this and more, has built confidence and created a desire to venture out on their own. There’s just one thing holding them back; money. They’re waiting on parents, birthdays or other special occasions to get started. It’s only right that we continue to follow through by teaching the entrepreneurial side of the DJ craft.

The inaugural DJpreneurship Conference was held on December 5th, 2018 at Judith Nyman S.S.

High school students from various schools across the Greater Toronto Area took part and were surveyed prior to and after the conference. Our aim was to gather information based on their thoughts about entrepreneurship and if the DJpreneurship experience had any affect on their mindset. You can see for yourself, the data below.

Students were able to choose to participate in sessions of their choosing. While all other conference sessions were voluntary, “The Business” sessions were mandatory. 

Guest Speakers

Thank you to our guest speakers who are professionals in the field. The love of DJing has impacted their lives to where they decided to pursue their passions and turn it into a career. Special thanks to the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre for supporting the event.

Feedback from Students

We are looking forward to the 2nd annual DJpreneurship Conference happening November 2019. Follow the hashtag, #DJpreneurship on Instagram for details leading up to the event.